Kick Off September in Style — Back to Campus Shopping 101

There’s no doubt that heading back to school is an exciting time of the year. But with that excitement can come the stress of September shopping. Thankfully, you’re not in it alone—we’re here to help. We’ve crafted up a simple back to school shopping guide that will have you ticking things off your to-do list in no time.

Finding a bag that’s functional, comfortable and stylish tops every annual back to learning shopping list. It’s the one accessory that’s sure to be used the most, so finding the right one can sometimes feel like mission impossible. But school bags have evolved past the classic black two-strap backpacks with an array of colours, styles and sizes now available so you’re sure to find that perfect fit at Central City. Check out these links to find your perfect shoulder accessory!

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There’s nothing like showing up on the first day in a confidence-boosting outfit. No matter what kind of style you’re into this year, choose from endless options of footwear, clothing and even outfit-making accessories. Express yourself with a few new pieces that will make the start of the school year feel extra-special.

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Whether you’re looking to kit out a dorm room or stock up on class-ready fashion essentials, shopping for the first year of school away from home can feel like a lot. But it’s all about finding those go-to basics that make a space or closet feel chic and personalized Throw in a few items like cute picture frames, lunch bags and time and money-saving essentials (hello, coffee maker!) and you’re all set.

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Are you geeking out over the latest and greatest in the tech space. The hottest laptop is a good bet, as are top-quality wireless speakers. Of course, you can always go super practical and grab some headphones or a wireless charger stand for all your devices. Visit our tech stores for all the support you need, we have a bunch!

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