Bees Are Abuzz at Central City

Central City is pleased to announce a new eco-friendly initiative.  The centre, in conjunction with the Surrey Beekeepers Association, installed a beehive on Central City’s roof in April 2017.

The beehive has thrived since installation and has developed into a strong colony, with approximately 40,000 individual bees at the peak times.  The bees travel anywhere from 1km to 8km from the hive to Holland Park, Bear Creek Park, and the gardens in the neighbourhood of Central City. The bees pollinate the flowers and plants (like blueberries, blackberries, apples, and sunflowers) at these areas so that they can flourish as well as grow food.

Central City’s beehive project has had the added benefit of generating dozens of litres of unpasteurized, unfiltered, liquid gold honey for consumption.

For more information on the Surrey Beekeepers Association, visit