Budget-Friendly Easter Party Ideas

Easter is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to find goodies, ingredients, supplies, and decorations at Central City for your upcoming Easter party or potluck! However, party planning can get expensive fast, especially if you have many guests, so we’ve put together a list of ideas that is budget-friendly, fun, and festive for you!


Easter decorations typically mean eggs, eggs, some bunnies, and more eggs! But egg-themed décor is versatile and can be kept around beyond the Easter holiday, like large ceramic eggs for display around your home, or egg-cups that can be used as dishware for other occasions (find them at Bed Bath & Beyond and Winners).

Aside from eggs, you can get into the Easter spirit with foil balloons as well as pastel coloured tablecloths from Dollarama and Buck or Two Plus. Find stuffed toys like bunnies and chickens at Carlton Cards and Dollarama. You can also fill big woven Easter baskets from Bed Bath & Beyond with Easter eggs, treats, stuffies, and more.

Easter Dishes

The trick to creating a festive Easter meal is making colourful dishes! Some popular, easy, and budget-friendly dishes include deviled eggs, glazed carrots, spring mix salad, and glazed ham. Explore an extensive collection of Easter-inspired recipe dishes on Epicurious, Food Network, and AllRecipes. For fresh quality ingredients, come visit Walmart, Fresh Farms Produce, and T&T Supermarket conveniently located at Central City.

Enhance your dining table and kitchen with Easter-themed kitchenware, dishware, and décor! Use a bouquet of flowers or plants as your centerpiece, decorated with Easter eggs. Find fresh cut flowers and potted plants at Continental Flowers, Walmart, and T&T Supermarket. Create an Easter-themed dining table with colourful Easter treat cups, paper plates, napkins, and eggcups from Winners and Dollarama.

Easter Activities

When the food settles in is when the party really begins. Amplify your Easter party with a social DIY activity, such as egg painting or dyeing (remembering doing this as a kid?). Pick up a couple cartons of eggs, few palettes of paints, and some brushes and stencils from Walmart and set up a craft table for your guests. Hard boil the eggs (about 10 minutes, followed by an ice bath) in advance of your party and set aside 3-4 eggs per guest. Make sure you also have a table cover to minimize messes and spillage. If you want to avoid using real eggs, Dollarama also has egg-decorating kits available.

Make things even more fun for everyone by planning and creating an Easter scavenger hunt! Fill hollow plastic eggs with little treats like candies and chocolates (find plastic eggs at Bed Bath & Beyond, Dollarama, and Buck or Two Plus). Hide the eggs around the common areas of your home such as the living room, kitchen (avoiding cupboards), and even in the trees and bushes around your yard. You can also add competition to it, such as whoever finds the most eggs wins a prize! Reward the winner with the gift of choice, such as a Central City Gift Card.

If you and your guests have a whole afternoon to spare, play a board game! Find popular and trending board games like Codenames, Exploding Kittens, 7 Wonders, and more at Craving for a Game.

Sweeten Your Party

Would a party really be a party without a cake? There are several stores at Central City available for you to buy your Easter cake. Visit Walmart to pick up a delicious carrot cake (that’s what the Easter bunny likes to eat, right?) or chocolate cake (because clearly there isn’t enough chocolate), or visit Maxim’s Bakery or T&T Supermarket for their scrumptious and vibrant fruit sponge cakes!

Easter Party Favours

Create a little Easter party favour or goodie bag for everyone! Find small Easter-themed pails or mini-treat boxes, along with crinkle cut paper and paper grass from Dollarama and Buck or Two Plus. Fill the boxes and/or pails with Easter chocolates and candies, which you can find at Walmart.

For more Easter ideas and inspiration, take a look at our Easter Pinterest board here.

Happy Easter!