Creating A Vision For The Future

Blackwood Partners is committed to ensuring that Central City is responsibly managed. Business decisions pertaining to the property take into account and address important environmental and social issues. Management strives to create a healthy, happy, and vibrant centre to shop, work, learn, and play for current and future generations.

Examples of Central City’s current responsible property management initiatives include the following:

  • Cleaning: Toxic-free, green cleaning products are used to minimize environmental impact. Janitorial vacuum cleaners are equipped with hepa-filters to help eliminate pollution. Additionally, walk-off mats are used at entry-ways to control the spread of contaminants.
  • Landscaping: The property utilizes native, drought-tolerant trees and perennials in its indoor and outdoor landscaping when possible to minimize the need for water. The use of pesticides and herbicides is also minimized to protect the environment. An eco-friendly bee hive, producing dozens of litres of honey and housing up to 40,000 bees, is located on the centre’s roof; the bees pollinate flowers and plants in the region so that they can flourish and grow food.
  • No Smoking: To reduce air-borne pollution and ensure the comfort and health of all visitors to the site, Central City is a smoke-free property. Additionally, air quality is monitored on a regular basis throughout the property.
  • Lighting: Low-watt and LED lighting is used throughout the centre where feasible. Lighting controls allow selective lighting of the centre and occupancy sensors are installed where possible to reduce energy usage.
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing: Systems used to provide heating and cooling services to the centre are optimized to ensure energy efficiency.  Low flow fixtures such as toilets and faucet aerators are used throughout the centre to minimize water usage.
  • Building: The site’s building and renovation projects feature eco-friendly building materials. Low VOC paints and non-toxic flooring are used when feasible.
  • Purchasing: Preference is given to recycled, re-usable, clean, and local products and services from reputable suppliers when making purchasing decisions for the property.
  • Recycling: The centre has an extensive recycling program that includes paper, cans, plastics, glass bottles, organics, and used cooking oil.
  • Commuting: Central City is located next to SkyTrain and more than a dozen public bus routes. Four electric charging stations are available free of charge on the centre’s parking lot. Numerous bike racks are located onsite; tenant bike lockers and shower facilities are also at the property to encourage employees to bike to work.  Annual Bike-To-Work and School events are featured on the centre’s Plaza to further promote green commuting.
  • Giving: The centre sponsors and supports dozens of local community organizations annually through cash and in-kind donations and sponsorships. The centre also donates space to many non-profit and organizations throughout the year to hold fundraising, community, and awareness events.
  • EV Charging Stations: Central City has 20 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout the property – 1 station at the east parking lot, 1 station on P3 open rooftop, and 18 stations in the Parkade. There are a total of 40 EV parking stalls.

Central City office tower is certified BOMA BEST Gold and the shopping centre is certified BOMA BEST Silver by the Building Owners and Managers Association of BC, signifying excellence with responsible property management best practices.  Management strategies are constantly evolving to enhance the centre’s planet-friendly and social responsibility initiatives.