Spring Clean KonMari Style

Spring Clean KonMari Style, Marie Kondo, Central City, Surrey, BC
A clean and comfortable home is the best home, but home organization and cleaning can be a challenge on its own. With the spring-cleaning season coming up, it is helpful to have a vision, plan, and preparations in place for a productive clean-up. Today, we are going to share with you the latest trending KonMari method on how to clean effectively, efficiently, and happily.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo at Black Bond Books, Central City, Surrey, BC

Marie Kondo, best-selling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy (find them at Black Bond Books), is known for her popular Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Throughout the show, Marie Kondo teaches her clients some key things about empathy and happiness when it comes to home organization: organizing and cleaning category-by-category, keeping only the items that “spark joy”, and giving thanks to the items that have served their purpose before letting them go.

Spring Clean KonMari Style, Marie Kondo, Central City, Surrey, BC
Start off by going through your house and clean through your items category by category rather than room by room. It will get messy (like, really messy), but you might have also heard of the saying, “It gets worse before it gets better.” The hardest part of cleaning is probably having to let go of your items, but one way to get through this, as Kondo recommends, is to hold the item in your hands and reflect on how you feel about it. Simply put, if the item brings you joy, keep it – if not, then it is time to let it go.

Keep in mind that although your items may have served its purpose for you, the item may still bring joy to someone else. Consider donating your used items to friends, family, shelters, charities (like Big Brothers, Salvation Army, Developmental Disabilities Association, or Surrey Women’s Centre), and causes in our local community before throwing them into the trash. The City of Surrey also offers to pick up four large items per calendar year for free (single-family households only). If you have many items to get rid of or if you do not fall into the City of Surrey’s requirements for free item pickup, consider hiring a green and local junk removal service – some can also take care of the donating and recycling for you.

Once you have categorized all your items, you will need to find places for them all, and it is best to have one designated area for each category.

Spring Clean KonMari Style, Marie Kondo, Central City, Surrey, BC

Sometimes, all it takes is simply having the right storage containers and bins to place your items. You can make storage organization fun and decorative with stylish bins and baskets, or keep it simple and practical by using transparent bins. Find different styles of storage bins and baskets at Bed Bath & Beyond, Winners, Dollarama, and Buck or Two Plus. Find shelving units and other storage solutions at The Brick and Walmart.

Spring Clean KonMari Style, Marie Kondo, Central City, Surrey, BC

Those who clean together, stay together! Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Kondo talks about how cleaning can naturally influence others around you to do the same and it can help bring people together. In the show, viewers see clutter being a common contributor to stress, and couples, families, and kids have just as much fun helping with reorganization and cleaning when everyone is striving to achieve a common goal.

Spring Clean KonMari Style, Marie Kondo, Central City, Surrey, BC

A tip is to have your cleaning supplies and equipment ready. Find a variety of cleaning supplies at Walmart, Dollarama, Bed Bath and Beyond, T&T Supermarket, and Shoppers Drug Mart. If you need a new vacuum cleaner or other cleaning gadgets, visit Best Buy and Showcase.

Spring Clean KonMari Style, Marie Kondo, Central City, Surrey, BC

Once you’re done with the purge, don’t leave your space and walls too bare. Adding some greenery and accents will brighten up the space (and your mood). Find plants at Continental Flowers, and accents like paintings, area rugs, throws, and other décor items at Winners, Bed Bath & Beyond, and SmArt Frames.

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