Stay @ Home Survival Guide

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A virtual wave hello as we kick off two weekly editions of the Stay @ Home Survival Guide with an assortment of ideas to help you through this unique time in our lives. Being at home is not all doom and gloom and we’ve got you covered with our curated list of fun activities from our team at Central City to yours. Stay alone together, and stay safe.

1. Dance Party

We’ve all heard that music is good for the soul. Music can inspire us to dance or exercise which releases happy hormones in the brain called endorphins and serotonin and that in turn helps to boost your mood. With or without kids, turn up the volume and dance around your living room. If you have kids, one of our favourites is Music with Marnie, she is an award-winning local children’s musician who is offering up FaceBook live music classes and parties for kids of all ages.

2. Bored? Try Board Games

Have a kid or be a kid, and we are not kidding, maybe just a little. Another fun way to engage and have fun is through playing games. When was the last time you played hide-and-seek or tag? How about pulling out some of the board games you haven’t played in years. If you need some inspiration, our friends at Craving for a Game have some great suggestions.

  • Top 3
  • 1. Carcassonne
  • 2. Catan
  • 3. Ticket to Ride
  • 6 and Up
  • 1. Qwirkle
  • 2. Too Many Monkeys
  • 3. Spot It
  • 8 and Up
  • 1. Ghost Blitz
  • 2. Rhino Hero
  • 3. Dutch Blitz
  • Teens
  • 1. King of Tokyo
  • 2. Century Spice Road
  • 3. 5 Minute Dungeon
  • Couples
  • 1. Patchwork
  • 2. Cribwars
  • 3. Codename Duet
  • Seniors
  • 1. Sequence
  • 2. Five Crown
  • 3. Rummikub

3. Move those Muscles

You can still get your endorphin-producing, mood-boosting workout right at home. Many excellent trainers on Instagram have started to share their at-home workout, from Lacee Lazoff offering kettlebell-focused routines to Kira Stokes, showing creative bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere. Tons of fitness apps are offering users, free classes, for the next few months or check out the Nike Training app, it’s free and has a wide range of exercises for all fitness levels. Or keep it simple with a bike ride, a run, or a socially distanced walk for fresh air and add some push-ups and planks for strength training – no equipment needed.

4. Celebrate the Incredible Women in Our Lives

Times like these bring us together, even when we’re physically apart, making us grateful for the special people in our lives. We’ve all had special women who have touched our lives and made an impact. Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday, May 10th, and we’ve got you covered to celebrate the special women in your life. Make sure you follow-us on our social channels and stay tuned for a post to nominate the incredible women and give them a chance to win a Central City Gift Card.

5. Chill Out with a Movie or a Show

Grab your favourite snack, beverage, pillow and movie buddy – we got you covered with our curated Netflix and cable show/movie binge lists. These are but a few films and shows that keep us going when it’s time to unplug from the world, some are educational, some are scary, some are weird, and some are well, unusual, please don’t judge us. Please check your local service provider for ratings.


Despicable Me, Ferdinand, Incredibles 2, Karate Kid, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Our Planet, Tales by Light, Babies, Star Wars, anything Marvel, National Geographic, and Disney Plus, Coco, The Inbestigators, Shrek, Shaun the Sheep, Toy Story (all), Any Charlie Chaplin classic, Star Wars (all of the series), Up, Wonder.


Planes Trains and Automobiles, Ozark, Mind Hunter, Tiger King, Homeland, Manhunt: Unabomber, You, Love is Blind, American Crime, Ocean’s 8, Borderliner, Grey’s Anatomy, Narcos, Money Heist, House of Cards, Mad Men, Final table, Family Cooking, Peaky Blinders, The Stranger, Breaking Bad, The Kindness Diaries, 90-day fiancé, The Shape of Water, Lonesome Dove, The Real Housewives reality shows, Cast Away, Home Alone, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, Uncle Buck, Indiana Jones, Gremlins, Jumanji, Crazy, Stupid, Love.

These times of hardship can bring out the best in us, bridging our distance and bringing us together even through social distancing. We are here for you, be it for encouragement, fun, and to give back. We encourage you to stay connected with friends and family, and to check in with each other, lean on each other and support one another. We know that our Central City community is resilient, generous, and supportive, and we will come out of this stronger #SurreyStrong.

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*All information and product recommendations in this blog post are solely those of Central City and not those of any advertiser or retailer. The information in this blog may change without notice and is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. Please check ratings on recommended movies or shows in advance of screening.

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