Stay @ Home Survival Guide – Week 2 Edition

We are kicking off week two of our Stay @ Home Survival Guide this time with a focus on reading, cooking, learning and making sure we check-in with our mental health. For a chance to win a $50 Gift Card, please sign-up for our e-newsletter; winners will be selected randomly from all of our new and current subscribers. For more ways to win, we have more contests through our social channels, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition.

1. Read and Get Inspired

There is no better way to disconnect from the world than diving into a good book. A great novel immerses you like nothing else while inspiring you, keeping your mind challenged with new vocabulary and inspired thinking. Our favourite go-to source for books is Black Bond Books, and we’ve reached out to get a few of their staff picks. Did you know that you can order online with free curbside pick-up or a flat $8 delivery fee?

When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald
I personally loved this book – perfect for fans of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. A coming of age story about Zelda, a young woman with fetal alcohol syndrome who embarks on a quest to gain her independence and protect her brother. – Jina

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
If you haven’t yet read this masterpiece, now is the time. At once, an ode to the natural world, a heartbreaking coming of age story, and a surprising tale of possible murder, this spellbinding tale is one you will devour. – Trish

The Huntress by Kate Quinn
Bargain alert! This all-around staff pick is now available for $12.99 (original price $22.99) and is a must-read for fans of historical fiction. Inspired by the infamous “Night Witches,” the Russian female fighter pilots who wreaked havoc on Hitler’s eastern front. – Jina

Honourable Mention: Peter May!
Peter May should be every mystery lovers’ next read. He has several series to keep you occupied, or standalone novels if you’re looking for less commitment. Already read everything? Pre-order a copy of LOCKDOWN, available June 16! Recently announced, never before published, and about a very topical subject.

2. From Stress to Silly

What did “zero,” say to “eight” – hey, where did you get the belt? Silly right? But the point is that a good laugh is known to relieve stress. Did you know that laughter can help you cope with stress and give a full-scale workout for your muscles with a rush of endorphins? Speaking of endorphins, we already mentioned this, but exercise be it indoors or out, dancing or biking, walking, or yoga can give you the same boost.

Another way to stay in check with your mental health is through meditation. A good tip from Deepak Chopra is to start a practice of daily meditation and include affirmations of gratitude. Gratitude helps to stay positive and optimistic which has a trickle-down effect of keeping you healthier. Did you know that optimistic people have healthier hearts?

If you are working from home, try to carve out a space to use for your home office, having a separation between work and home gives your mind separation and a break when moving from one activity to another. Try to position your workspace near natural light. Open the window for fresh air, add some vibrant essential oils to a diffuser or boil some lemon/orange peel and let the aroma fill the room and help take the stress away. Want to feel your best self, naturally? How about some natural hand or lip balm, or a hand cleanser with aromas from nature from a newly launched local small business Essentia Aromatherapy.

3. Cooking Up a Storm or Burning Down the House?

We joke, but seeing all the Instagram stories of people baking bread, and we chuckled at what our attempt would look like to make sure we didn’t set off the smoke alarm. Have you tried any of the easy to make bread recipes? This one from Jillian Harris looks delicious and simple enough to try. We Heart Local BC offers recipes based on what is available locally from our backyard and helps support local BC agriculture. And, if you need a break from cooking, please consider ordering take-out and supporting local restaurants. Did you know that our friends at Freshslice offer free food for our healthcare heroes!

4. Activities for the Big and Little Kids

How can you keep your kids entertained is a question all parents are probably asking themselves. Whether you are stay at home parents or you are living the WFH (Work From Home) life right now, there are plenty of free ways to keep them, and the whole family engaged. The biggest tip we can give, though, is to try to stick to a routine. While schools may be closed, one way to ensure things go smoothly and running efficiently at home is to stick to a schedule.


  • offers math, reading activities
  • for fun games, activities, shows
  • fun while kids are learning
  • for games, videos, animals, and exploration
  • for day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing
  • science lessons explained in a fun and straightforward way
  • Go Noodle games, physical activity challenges, learn at-home activities and so much more
  • Log onto the Smithsonian Science Education Center to do a deep-dive into insects
  • Staying home all day is an excellent opportunity to report on the weather. You could even do a study on the weather, using the Smithsonian Science Education Center. Learn about currents, air masses, and more.
  • ABCMouse Learning Academy is a great educational resource with tons of lessons that kids can benefit from
  • Try STEM activities – Great for learning and educating kids about science and math.


There are so many resources across the web with tips and tricks to help come up with ingenious ideas like building a sensory bin to handwriting letters for loved ones and friends. Or how about starting a travel journey from your last trip, to making playdough and slime, and you can even listen to an astronaut read stories from space. Oh, and we didn’t forget about you, our adult learners – Coursera is offering a range of courses from over 190 top Universities and companies for free.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of the Stay @ Home Survival Guide. Stay tuned through our social media channels and your inbox for announcements about the winners of our Central City Gift Certificates. We look forward to connecting with you again soon. Stay well, stay home and let’s get through this together! #SurreyStrong

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