UmbraCity Now at Central City

Never get caught in the rain again without an umbrella!  Central City is pleased to announce that it has partnered with UmbraCity to bring a smart and convenient umbrella share service to the property.  Three UmbraCity kiosks are now located by Boston Pizza, Tim Hortons, and in the office tower lobby in addition to numerous locations on the UmbraCity network.

Borrowing an umbrella from UmbraCity is easy:

  1. Become a member: Signup for an UmbraCity account at any of the kiosks or online (watch for more details coming in a tenant memo soon).
  2. Find a kiosk: Use one of the Central City kiosks or any location in the Lower Mainland network.
  3. Borrow an umbrella: Login with your phone and slide out an umbrella.
  4. Return the umbrella: Simply place the umbrella in any kiosk.

Say goodbye to the days when you have to carry an umbrella all day for the slight chance of showers later on, or worse, when you are soaked wet outside without an umbrella! With UmbraCity, you can have an umbrella whenever you want, wherever you want!  For more information on UmbraCity, visit

UmbraCity at Central City, Surrey BC